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    Preparing to Buy

    Before you start shopping for your property, it is a good idea to make some preparations.

    Deciding how to purchase your property: CASH or FINANCING?


    Cash purchases can be done very quickly (Lindsey can get keys in your hands within 24-hours- just ask!) and you can electronically sign ALL of your paperwork. For a CASH purchase, you will need to show that you have the liquid USDA funds for the entire purchase, which includes but not limited to: purchase price, closings costs, inspection fee, etc. This can be in the form of the most recent Bank Statement.

    Want to use Crypto-Currency to purchase? Ask us how today!

    Financing purchases typically take anywhere from 30-45 days from accepted contract. Be prepared to provide documentation on your all of your financial history and records. This includes but not limited to: Bank statements, Pay Stubs, Tax Returns, Credit Card Statements, Loans, Leases, Mortgage Info, 401k statements, Life Insurance, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual accounts, Spousal/child support info, etc. Be prepared to submit more than once and to provide supporting documentation. It’s not the most glamorous process, so be patient. Lindsey only recommends the BEST lenders in the financing world, so if they are asking for something, they need it. After all, they are loaning you a bunch of money 🙂

    WORD TO THE WISE… now is NOT a good time to change jobs, buy a car, open a credit card, buy furniture, loan money, etc. be cool until your loan is done and your KEYS ARE IN YOUR HAND!
    Then go crazy!

    Nevada is a community-property state meaning, if you are looking to purchase property during a time in which you are legally married, even if your spouse is NOT on the loan, your spouse will need to sign a spousal deed.